Saturday, 11 December 2010

LIFESTYLE - How to retire at 40 and TRAVEL the world on a BUDGET (by MOTORHOME, BACK PACKING AND CRUSING )

After 14 years on the road we have gathered lots of travel tips and advice. So many times we are asked our "secret" so maybe now is the time to let the cat out of the bag.

In the beginning my husband Steve was aged 42 and I was aged 40 when we sold our Post Office and General Store in Yorkshire. Our accommodation was also there so we had previously bought a small house to live in but first wanted to take a couple of years out travelling.

We rented out the house, bought a second hand motorhome and set off on our big adventure.


To jump forward a number of years the 2 year trip grew as we found many ways to live off a small income, buying and selling motorhomes in different continents and backpacking.

You can search the blog for more information on how we manage on a low income and also read a bit about our on going trip.


You can find information on how to find and book cheap flights and cruises, backpacking tips, motorhome info (buying, selling, exchanging, kitting out, travel tips), interesting and useful web sites and pretty much anything that may be of help to people wanting to travel full time on a low budget.


When you travel full time you have more time than money so taking the time to check out lots of options can save you money.  On many things getting 3 quotes pays dividends

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