Friday, 25 December 2009

CRUISING and a handy update


Here are a few photos of our time on board

Steve is not the only one to have been ill, HAL have announced an outbreak of GI (Gastro Intestinal) infection on board and have taken steps by making the self service restaurant full serve, closing the spa and thermal room.  I had a bit of an upset stomach and sickness yesterday but feeling good today.

Christmas morning, this is the view of the Amalia Glacier as seen from the comfort of our stateroom.

Santa must have a great GPS system as he managed
 to find his way to us from the North Pole!

Just to update you on how Steve is getting on with his injury after the knife attack

Holland and America have been brilliant in offering free service at the medical centre.

Every couple of days they are checking the wound but yesterday found it was infected. They removed a few of the stitches and squeezed loads of puss out before re dressing it.

They removed the stitch from his head and that wound looks really good.

His little finger that got knocked up is still very tender so I am having to help bathe him and carry a few things when needed.

In fact he has almost become a bit of a star on board, I know that our close family consider our actions idiotic (and we agree) but most other people think he is a bit of a hero and many have asked for my blog link to read about it - what a way to get the blog figures up!

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